Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The right to remain seated

I attended my daughter's eighth-grade graduation this evening with several members of her family. I was very proud. My little girl will start high school in the fall. Pretty amazing.

At one point in the program they asked the parents of several of the students who are the last in particular families to graduate from this private school, or those who were the parents of only children. My daughter was one of those mentioned. I didn't stand up though. It didn't feel right for me to do so. Not that she would have seen from where she was sitting. And maybe none of the rest of the family would have thought anything about it, but they also didn't suggest I stand either. I just didn't feel like I'd quite earned that honor of recognition. It may be one of those moments that nags at me for years to come, but I just sat there, feeling a bit out of place, like I was in limbo or in another dimension of parenthood that isn't quite recognized here in this plane of reality.

I'm just glad I was able to be there for her and support her on her special day. Afterward we went out for a celebratory family dinner.

On the moving front, I finally got clearance on the criminal background check for the apartment complex I applied to live in earlier this week. I guess my criminal past is acceptable enough for them to take my money every month. So, Thursday I will go give them a check and pick up my key and start the arduous process of getting my stuff back out of storage and into my new place. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend I will be settled enough to at least pretend I have a life again. Whether I will have Internet access or cable TV remains to be seen. And who can live without those necessities in the modern world?


3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

I am happy you got to be there for your daughters graduation G-Man! The fact that you were there for her, and got to be a part of it, is what counts.:-)
And I'm glad you got your apartment! When you are hooked up in the modern world (ie; cable and internet) send me an email, with your new email address. Would love to send you an email to catch up! good luck with the rest of the move.

Ari said...

Not that anyone asked, but I think you would not have been wrong in standing.

One's parents are one's parents, no matter how far or near they are (and that's speaking as someone who was raised mostly by one parent).

Tisha from Texas said...

It will matter to her more in ten years that you were there, and in ten years the same nagging question will sit in the corner of your mind about should I stand or should I sit now?
One day, we should chat at length about this. With tall glasses filled with margaritas and a free bar, of course.

Ethel said...

Congrats to your daughter. Hope your new digs are great.

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