Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cut me off

So I'm walking out of a bar here in Salem, Ore. at 2:30 a.m., and I look down the road. I figured I must have been pretty drunk because everything was fuzzy down the street. But no, it wasn't because of a state of inebriation, it was a different phenomenon. Fog.

What the fuck? Fog? In June? When the hell is summer supposed to arrive?

OK, so I know some parts of the country are susceptible to fog this time of year. Southern California was not immune. There is a phenomenon known as June Gloom in Los Angeles this time of year, but I never had to deal with that in Palm Springs or anywhere else I live in California. OK, so when I live in the San Joaquin Valley we just to get what was known as Tule Fog in the winter. But this is virtually the first day of summer.

No wonder the bar was so packed. People need to drink in order to put up with this shitty weather. Well, at least the bars stay open here later than they do in California. And the drinks are cheaper.


Brat said...

So that is where you were. I thought you were supposed to check in with me! LOL

No_Newz said...

You sure you aren't in London?
Thank you for the b-day well wishes! Sorry I suck at checking in every day. I hope you are having a great time in your new place.
Lois Lane

The G-man said...

No, I'm not in London. I think England has better weather!

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