Monday, June 27, 2005

You mean I don't have to drive?

I tried something novel for dinner tonight. No, I didn't break out of my dinner-out routine, but tonight I did try something new.

I walked to dinner -- and back.

Shocking, I know.

There is a little shopping plaza not too far from my apartment. Well, there are several actually, but one is really close. So I decided to leave the car parked and walk to dinner. There is an Outback Steakhouse, a Quiznos sandwich shop, a few other restaurants, and other stores, like a grocery store, a warehouse-type department store, a large chain book store, a clothing store, and several other stores and shops.

So, I walked to dinner, then stopped off at the book store to browse through books, CDs and DVDs. And a further stunner, other than dinner, I didn't spend any money! But I was tempted. But I have books in the bookcase I still haven't read, so I figured I will wait. Besides, I can walk to the book store any evening after work.

They're open late!

I could get into this urban living! And I thought my life was pretty good when I lived next to a 7-Eleven at one point in Palm Springs.

Now, if it would only quit fuckin' raining!


Brat said...

What, you didn't buy me anything? I am going shopping tomorrow, I am sure I will make up for it!

GRT said...


Their; there; they're


(I tried to italicize "Sigh," but I couldn't figure out how to do it. What is the meaning of those tags?)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

G-Man: Not to worry. I don't think it will rain many more days this month.

Chick said...

I'm walked to dinner?

...did you feel better when you got home?

I love book stores that are open 'em.

The G-man said...

Hoss, you are wise beyond your wisdom.

The G-man said...

If you were my English teacher, I would have either been too afraid to write a word, or I may have actually learned gooder in school.

I guess I can be thankful you didn't smack my knuckles for misspelling store and stores too (which I have now fixed).

kat said...

walking? welcome to my world.

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