Saturday, November 12, 2005

In the midst of controversy

There seems to be a bit of a controversy brewing about who the 8,000th visitor to the Fishwrap site was.

Brat swears it is her. She sent me a screen shot to make her case with the little visitor counter showing the No. 8,000. But according to my Site Meter stats, the milestone visitor appears to be 3T.

Now, I have no desire to piss off a woman by telling her she is not visitor No. 8,000, so I'm at a bit of a loss. So I will congratulate them both and thank them and all my visitors. I'm just glad I didn't offer a prize on this one, not that I have anything either of them would want.

Do I?


Brat said...

Now let me get this straight... You have no desire to piss me off. I need to remember that. It may come in handy a few years down the road. I am sure at one point, we will have our first big fight and that will be just the ticket to help me win!

I am willing to give up my title 0f 8000th vistor to T. She is a more deserving blogger. Now, the prize should be T and I getting together for lunch. After all I will be in Phx very soon! It would be fun spending a few hours comparing notes!

The G-man said...

Hmmm, not that's an interesting idea. I have to confess when I first read that, my reaction was "oh no!"

But I think that's a VERY interesting idea. 3T, if you read this, and do meet Brat for lunch, I have a request. Can't post it on here though, so I'll have to send that request privately.

Very interesting indeed.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

LMAO!! Lunch sounds perfectly lovely Brat! I think we'll have loads to chat about!!! ;-)

OK, on the stat counter thingy, I do remember checking it, and it being at 8000, but when I came back to read your comments, it still said 8000. So I'm thinking it froze up on 8000?? Which would explain it being on 8000 for both of us Brat. I defer my 8000 status to Brat, and say I was close. ;-)
Just let me know when you're in the Phoenix area Brat, and we can set up a lunch.
G-Man I'm almost afraid to ask what that personal request is.


Tish said...

I had two people claiming to be my 25K visitor, but when we went to the 'tape' (sitemeter's clock), it gave the real winner.
NOW I am two months overdue on mailing her prize.
I think I will offer a prize for my 35K visitor. Any takers?

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