Friday, July 29, 2005

Look Ma, no wires

I bought a couple of new toys yesterday. So this is my first official "wireless" post.

When I got Internet service working here at my new apartment, I had a messed up system in place. Because of limited locations for the phone jacks, and my phone company is my DSL provider, I had a cable stretching from my modem on one side of the kitchen to my computer on the other opposing wall. So I ended up having a cable hanging across the front of my kitchen about a foot off the ground, which meant I had to step over the cord every time I went into the kitchen.

It was not a good setup, and I came close to either breaking my neck or ripping the cord out of the wall several times tripping over the damn thing.

So yesterday, I picked up a wireless network adapter to connect to my modem, and now have a wireless connection. So, now, once I get my new computer desk, I'll be able to move the computer back to the spare room, which I intended to make into my office in the first place and get it off my kitchen table.

I also picked up a jump drive to make it easier to transport material back and forth from my home PC and my office Mac.

And best of all, I got out of Best Buy without spending an arm and a leg. But I was tempted. There were some cool new laptops. But, I wanted to make sure I could get the wireless thing working before I spend 2 months rent on a new toy, which I really don't need.

Well, I better go to work, since I haven't upgraded technology enough to telecommute. Which is probably good, otherwise I'd probably never get dressed.


Brat said...

Don't you just love technology? I am loving my new iPod! Why did I wait so long? Perhaps it is indeed time to break down and buy a digital camera.

So, tell me, what is wrong with being naked? I tend to favor it, but I may not be normal?

Have a good TGIF!

kat said...

a laptop is 2 months' rent for you? it's half a month's rent for me. oy, DC is expensive - no wonder I'm so poor!

grace said...

i love wireless.

i hate best buy. fuckers.

Brat said...

I hear once you go wireless you never go back! You better be careful!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... welcome to the world of wireless. It's a wonderful place, like Oz. Congratulations.

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