Thursday, July 14, 2005

Too hot to handle

Yes, I miss Palm Springs. And yes I even miss the summer heat. But with the mercury hitting a record 120 in the Coachella Valley on Wednesday, today I miss it just a bit less.

The forecast high for Salem today is 88-90, which would certainly make it the hottest day of the summer here so far -- and still 30 degrees cooler than 120!

Stay cool my desert friends.


MJ said...

Every year it's days like yesterday (and quite possibly today, as the humidity rises with a forecast of thunderstorms but alas no rain) that I will wonder aloud to myself and anyone else who will listen if we all haven't made a horrible horrible mistake.

What are we doing in this godforsaken place?! We've lost our minds.

Picture me blindly stumbling around, drenched in perspiration mumbling obsenities... &*($#!

grace said...

my parents live in the coachella valley. ugh. i hate visiting them.

3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

I'm counting down the days, until we will spend a week in San Diego, away from the desert heat! (Although I don't think Phoenix has gotten as bad as the Coachella Valley, after 110, it doesn't really matter. You're just in Hell)

The G-man said...

Don't you just love that feeling when you walk outside and take a deep breath and the air actually scorches your lungs and throat going down? Ah, memories.

No, that's not a tear, just perspiration. It's in the 80s here in Salem after all.

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