Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's all over but the shouting

PENDLETON, Ore. -- Somehow, I am able to piggyback today on someone's wireless connection, after only being about the dial out on AOL earlier this week from the Pendleton Round-Up. So, I thought I would take advantage of the better connectivity to pop in and say hi.

The roping and riding is all done here in Pendleton. Another rodeo in the books. All that's left for cowboys and cowgirls to do is to kick up their heals on a Saturday night in Round-Up City.

I may kick up my heals a little tonight as well. After all, how often does a guy get to wear a big belt buckle, a pair of dusty boots, and a sweatstained cowboy hat without looking out of place?

I even have a picture of me in my hat. Not that I'll show you crazy people.

Anyway, there is some Pendleton Whisky (yes, it's a Canadian whisky, thus the funny spelling) on the cabinet about 5 feet away. I think it's calling my name.

There's just one more night to Let'er Buck, and then it's back to the barn in Salem.

I've got some driving and writing for work to do tomorrow, but I may try to pop on and make a post if possible. I hope you are all having fun and doing a little buckle polishing of your own.


Brat said...

Glad you are having a goodtime. I want to do some buckle polishing too. Wonder if I can find any cowboys in these parts?

olga haley said...

If the Pendleton 10-year-old whisky is calling your name, they now have a limited edition 20-year-old Pendleton that will not only call your name, it will make you want to give up every other whisky-whiskey you've ever tried. Hood River Distillers 503-574-3693 in Hood River, OR can tell you where to find it.

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