Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let 'er Buck

In the Northwest, the second full week in September means more than the week that follows Labor Day, or the last full week of summer. It means it's Round-Up time. Pendleton Round-Up.

Of those of you who don't know what that is, and at its heart, the Pendleton Round-Up is a rodeo. But more accurately, it is perhaps best described as a late summer West Coast red neck Mardi Gras, known as much for its drunken carousing and wild escapades as it is for rough men attempting to ride and rope even rougher animals. The event's slogan is Let 'er Buck, and over a span of 4 to 7 days, that little phrase can have about any connotation your rodeo lovin' or lecherous and lascivious mind can come up with.

My employer is sending me off toe the Round-Up where I'll be working. Really. I will. Well, at least part of the time at least. I too hope to take in some of the more recreational aspects of the event which is hosted by a little town of about 16-17,000 people in the middle of wheat country that swells to nearly three times its normal size for a few days each September.

And if possible, and sober enough, I will try to pop in on the Fishwrap and make a few posts here as well.

Anyway, I better get packing. I have some chores to do and about a 4-hour drive ahead of me. And a little mourning to do about the impending demise of my computer monitor and the dent that will put in my finances. I'm a little tired, and not sure if I will make the drive tonight, or get one final night's sleep in my own bed before heading to Round-Up City. One thing's for sure. Before I'm ready for any bucking, I'm really gonna need a nap.


3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

I hope you have tons of fun, while you're working G-Man!


Brat said...

Have a great time and watch out for those buckle bunnies! I wish I was there...."save a horse, ride a cowboy" would mean so much more!

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