Friday, September 30, 2005

More time well wasted

Here it is the weekend again and I realized I still haven't told you about the other excitement of last weekend (besides the wedding I attended). Remember that concert I was so excited about? Well, it was last Friday.

And I actually had a date for the show.

Shocking I know, but it's true.

So, maybe I should document that momentous occassion on the ol' Fishwrap. Who knows when that might happen again.

Maybe this weekend. If I can fit it in my social calendar. I'll provide details of the weekend I mean. Not have another date. Lord, that would be a sign that the world had shifted completely off its axis, a date two weekends in a row.

1 comment:

3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

OK, I wanna hear about the date!

As I am assuming it went well?

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