Monday, September 26, 2005

When will I ever learn?

How many blog posts do I have to lose before I start writing them in some other software and them posting them on here?

Well, apparently I had not yet learned my lesson, because I just spent the last hour working on a post from the events of this weekend and lost it as soon as I hit publish.

Poof. Gone.

Well, I've already stayed up too late, and I'm not going to try to recreate it now.

I'm not sure whether to be more pissed at Blogger or myself, but I think I have the edge at the moment.


3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

Now that sucks. Sorry you lost your post G-Man.

Brat said...

You are not alone. We all learn the hardway. So of our mistakes are bigger though, be thankful you just lost a post.

Brat said...

Typo Alet...Some of our mistakes are bigger though, be thankful you just lost a post.

Tisha from Texas said...

Have you heard of Quamana? It allows you to write on your computer and then it posts it for you. Just a thought. Genuine turned me onto it, but now that I've switched servers, I really don't have the blogger problems I had before.
Good luck.
Your honorary Oregonian,

The G-man said...

I haven't heard of Quamana, but I will try to do some homework on that. I did download the blogger ad-on for Microsoft Word. I have only used it a couple of times though, because the posts need cleanup after using it. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Can't have everything I suppose.

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