Friday, February 25, 2005

Here comes the sun

It's Friday. The sun is shining. It's 70 degrees.

Yea, the clouds may return this afternoon and there is a chance of a shower later. But I choose to live in this beautiful, solar-heated moment.

The sun has returned to the desert again and all is right with the world.


3rd Times a Charm said...

Here comes the sun, dadada,da
Here comes the sun, I say, it's all right...

Name that TUNE! OK, name those lyrics! ;-)

I'm happy for you, and we had sun for a few hours here in fair Phoenix! Now, the clouds are rollin' on in. And damn that WA state!!! It's getting all of our sun. But in the end, I KNOW that sun rightfully belongs to us here in the desert, and WILL return shortly. Have a great week-end G-man. :-)

Brat said...

Oh, it was 55 and sunny today! Oh happy day! Glad to see you are getting some sunshine too!

Brat said...

Looks like another nice day in PS. I would kill for a day in the 70's. Enjoy!

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