Monday, August 15, 2005

The check was in the mail

My deposit refund from my last apartment arrived in the mail today. Believe it or not, I sort of forgot about it. It was mailed at the end of June, bounced around to the address I was staying at briefly in Portland, was sent back to Palm Springs as undeliverable. Then they mailed it to my new address, arriving today.

I'm such a financial dolt.

The good news is that I got all of my money back except for some money for getting the carpet cleaned. I was the first tenant to live in that apartment, so I figured I would get dinged for every little thing. But, I guess I did OK on the cleaning, which is pretty fricking stunning given my absolute ineptitude with all things domestic.

Vacuum. I own one. I lived in my apartment for a year. I vacuumed the carpet twice. Both times in the last few days I lived there.

Good thing I don't use this blogs as a way to meet women, because I'm sure female readers are probably cringing right now.

I don't like to think of myself as a slob. I prefer to look at it as I have a high tolerance for clutter. And when the clutter starts getting to me and I am caught up in the urge to clean, I've found that if a lie down on the couch and take a nap, the urge usually passes.

I guess I treat my finances in a similar manner. I hate paying any bills late. Makes me nuts. But if someone loans me money, I'm pretty much, eh, whatever, get it to me when you can. Who knows how often I've loaned people a few bucks that I never got back just because I never reminded the person about the loan.

I also rarely turn in mileage or expense reports to my employers. Major trips or expenses, I get those paid for. The rest. Eh.

So the check I got in the mail today is like found money. I'm tempted to go pick up that computer desk I'm coveting.


Laurie said...

You sound like a male me. Except I don't really have to vacuum. I do sweep the hell out of my house though. Just in case you wanted to know...

3rdtimesacharm (3T) said...

Is this a prerequisite for your profession? My hubby is the same way on some of these issues and it drives me batty! ;-)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Oh hell yes, spend it. It's the American Way.

grace said...

yeah. i was cringing. heh...

Dagny said...

You're supposed to take the nap so that you have the energy to get up and clean.

As far as the loans go, one should never lend money that one expects to receive back. That way when you do get it, it's a pleasant surprise.

The G-man said...

I like the way you think Dagny. By the way, I'm a little short of cash, can you stop me 50Gs or so? Just until I hit the lottery. Just how big are those new bonus checks going to be?

Kidding. I'm kidding.

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