Thursday, August 04, 2005

Maybe the clutch needs adjusted

I woke up this morning a few minutes before the alarm went off. In that have awake haze, it seemed like a good idea to just get up. The haze was so think, I wasn't sure if the alarm had gone off or not, thinking maybe I'd already hit the snooze button a time or two.

The brain takes a while to get engaged in the morning. I've been awake for almost an hour now, but the grey matter is still stuck in neutral.

God I need a nap.

It's going to be a scorcher here today, with highs getting near 100. All those people who told me when I rented my apartment that I didn't need air conditioning in Salem in the summer can bite me. I may need to find a nice climate controlled bar. I had dinner last night at the bar at Applebee's. I certainly wouldn't mind keeping that brunette bartender company again.


grace said...

HOLY CRAP! it gets that hot in oregon??? i had no idea.

3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

Brunette bartenders can make good company! Especially when the alternative is an UN-air conditioned apartment.
PS. Stay cool G-Man.

Chick said...

I say...go to the bar...stay cool.

Talk to the cutie...have fun!

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