Monday, August 29, 2005

Honorary Oregonian

By the power vested in me as the Governor of the State of Fishwrap, I hereby proclaim Tisha Sharp's "The World According to Tish" an Honorary Oregon Blog, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities befitting such a title.

Which frankly ain't much.

Tish's world has moved to a new URL, so I put her link in the Oregon links section on the right rail because my Blogroll is inaccessible. After I moved, which included a forced change in ISPs and thus e-mail addresses, I can no longer access my Blogroll to update it. And I'm too damn lazy at the moment to start a new one. Not that she needs any traffic from my site, but I wanted to make sure there was a proper link on her site, not just the now outdated one in the Bloggroll.

Enjoy the new place Tish and enjoy your status as an Oregonian too. No need to revoke your Texas citizenship for us. But we will poke fun of your accent. And make sure you pronounce Oregon correctly or people will know you aren't from around here.

Just remember the e is silent and the second o is pronounced like the u in gut. Or gun. Oregonians like their guns. Well, the ones who aren't too busy hugging trees. We are indeed a state for extremes. Extreme climates, extreme geology and extreme views. Don't ya just love us all?


Tisha from Texas said...

You don't know how much that thrills me. In a lifetime ago, I almost took a job in Roseburg, OR. Cant you just imagine the bruhaha I would have created in that small town? Egads.
Thanks for the write-up, G-man. You are my sweetie.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

There you go, beatin' my time with Tisha. I thought I had her staked out good and proper, but no....

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