Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Is work a hobby?

I need to meet some new people in this burg soon, or I may be in trouble.

I brought work home for the first time tonight.

About 6 o'clock, my eyes were getting tired and I just had to get out of the office, but I had another chore that needed to be done tonight. I suppose I could have gone in early tomorrow to get this little duty finished, but I don't do "go in early" very well. So, I decided to send myself some stuff to the house so I could compile a couple of things that needed to be sent out via e-mail.

It's just the latest in a series of developments that have me on a slippery slope. I've stopped for coffee on my way two work the last two mornings. I don't drink coffee, damn it! Why am I buying and drinking coffee? I've been working a little later each day. It's not unusual for me to be the last person to leave the office out of my department. I've also been working on some stuff on our Web site from home. I've been telling myself that it's because I prefer my home computer and monitor over the Mac and fucked up monitor I have at the office. And I further tell myself that I'm mostly just playing around with the Web site and it's not really work.

I need a hobby or something else to do with my time after work. I need something to look forward to when I leave the office. To get me to want to leave the office. To need to leave.

The weekend runs to Portland are good, and it's good to spend time with my family. But I need a weekday diversion.

Maybe I should look into joining a bowling league.

There's got to be something, and ideally it won't involve hanging out at bars or spending massive amounts of money, which are about the only other diversion I've allowed myself lately.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears... and tired eyes.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The bowling league sounds like a good idea. I know that I found a KICKBALL league here in NYC when I wanted to get out and meet some new people. It was a lot of fun. Maybe you could even find a dodgeball league or something for during the winter months. Something athletic would not only be good for the social life but also the old waistline.

3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

You could always get married and have more kids. Then you wont have time for hobbies. And your problem is solved. ;-) (This was a joke. Because in reality, while those babies are young, you wont have time to wipe your ass, let alone contemplate hobbies)

The G-man said...

Caitlinator, have I mentioned that I'm a lazy, unathletic slug?

And 3T, you make it sounds so easy. Just get married and have kids. Hell, I even got engaged once and couldn't get married. Women are slippery.

Anonymous said...

Hey, some women (ahem) may take issue with the "women are slippery" comment. I'll let it slide this time, though.

Hmm... it would be difficult for a lazy, unathletic slug to get out and meet people. Maybe you need to address that issue first? i.e. just go out and do it anyway.

P.S. I was lazy and unathletic too when I joined my kickball league, and so was everyone else on my team. That is probally why we lost by an average of 22 points in every game we played. But damn, we were good at drinking beer afterwards.

No_Newz said...

I think the brunette bartender would be a great hobby for you. :)
Lois Lane

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