Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gone country

In case you couldn't tell from my earlier post, I'm really looking forward to the "Time Well Wasted" concert next month. In honor of the upcoming event, I offer this picture of a December Sara Evans concert I attended in Vegas. And now seeing her again in September. Hell, that's practically going steady in my warped little world.

It is so odd having weekends filled with activities. September is shaping up to be a busy month.

I will be going to Pendleton for the Pendleton Round-up on a work-related trip. And yes, I'll be breaking out the cowboy boots, hat and Western shirts.

As I kid I hated all that country crap. You wouldn't catch me in a pair of Wranglers as a teenager. And country music? Puke!

Then, as I got older, a friend from Texas turned me on to country music, and I covered the Pendleton Round-up for a newspaper for several years in college, which made it necessary to buy some Western duds.

And by the time I moved to California, I was pretty well hicked out. Back then, whenever I went out to a club that played country music I would wear my black cowboy hat because I though it looked nicest, fanciest.

Now, I don't wear a hat very often, and when I do it's usually to a rodeo. And when I cowboy hat, particularly in the summer or fall, it is usually my straw hat. It keeps the sun out of the eyes, and is much cooler. As I've gotten older I'm finding comfort is more important than appearance. Of course, that might explain why I'm still single too. Well, I try to dress decent for work, if that counts for anything. And I've also learned that it is possible to find comfortable dress clothes, they just cost more. Although it still seems like highway robbery to pay $50 for a pair of slacks or $30-40 for a shirt. Although I find nothing wrong with spending $100-200 for a good pair of cowboy boys boots. But then again, good boots will wear forever, and can be re-soled for even longer life.

Anyway, I should get to bed, or the accessory I will be sporting tomorrow will be a couple of nice dark circles under the eyes. Maybe if I wear a hat no one will notice.


Anonymous said...

On a pretty irrelevant note, I like how you use the words, "cowboy hat" as a verb. Pretty cool.

My own cowboy hat is reserved for (nearly) naked rolls in the hay with my man.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

When I went to Houston I thought I'd see a lot of cowboy hats. Everybody was wearing a suit.

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