Sunday, October 02, 2005

Digital housekeeping

One casualty of the move from California to Oregon and changing e-mail addresses seems to have been my Blogroll. I haven't been able to add or delete entries for a while now. So, today I decided to do something about it.

I've created a new Blogroll, and got rid of the old one. But, being the lazy sort I am, I didn't more all the old links to the new roll.

I didn't mean any slight to the folks on the old roll. There were a few dead soldiers on there, but generally I put the links in there because I thought they were sites worth checking out, and were sites that I enjoyed.

However, in creating the new Blogroll, I decided to start specifically with the blogs that I know link here, and a few favorite sites that I monitor daily through their RSS feeds. I do intend to add more links eventually, maybe even more later today. And If you have a link to this blog, or want to get listed on the roll, let me know. Otherwise, we will sort of start over here, including some old friends, and seeking out some new ones too.

1 comment:

Brat said...

Wow, you must of been advoiding something. I guess the real housework will keep.

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