Friday, October 07, 2005

They eat their young don't they?

President George W. Bush appears to be drawing more fire for his Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers from within his own party than from Democrats.

I was just listening to some GOP wag on the "Today" show suggesting that Miers should decline the nomination.

Isn't it ironic that Republicans were giving Democrats grief for holding up Bush's judicial nominations and now this nominee is facing the biggest threat from members of Bush's own party. Will the Republicans give Miers an up-or-down vote in the Senate?

Big time politics could be high comedy if all these idiots from both parties didn't have control over our taxes and weren't responsible for our national security.


No_Newz said...

Don't forget to buy your Lottery ticket today! :)
Have a great weekend and good luck!
Lois Lane

GRT said...

!(Imagine it upside down)Que est?! A political comment??? So there is more to saving for a child's future than $$$???
There's hope!

The G-man said...

Gene, you know I have a lot of political views, I just don't generally share them. For one thing, my paying gig calls for me to write political commentary sometimes, so I have an outlet for writing about politics.

But sometimes, I just can't resist. It seems politicians just aren't happy unless they are being contrarian and bitching about something or someone.

Maybe I'm in the wrong vocation.

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