Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shuffle up and deal

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. I was up in Portland housesitting for a family member.

Well, to be honest, that isn't the only thing that's been consuming my time. I've got a new addiction.

Yes, I'm hooked. I've taken up gambling online. Playing poker. Texas Hold 'em.

I've been entering tournaments on
Bravo's web site.

I just finished by best showing so far. Out of 1,196 entrants in that particular tournament I made it to the final 4 tables and finished 35th. Pretty fucking cool eh?

OK, I'm going off to bed before the urge to sign up for another tournament hits me.

I'm feeling a little guilt about the poker playing. I think I got Brat hooked too.

I'm such a bad influence.

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Brat said...

Oh, so I see how it is! Just because I beat your personal best last night, you had to go behind my back and one up me. I thought you were supposed to be napping! You are in so much trouble. Oh and yes, I am addicted! I would play from work if I could lock myself in my office for 2 hours! I guess while you are in Portland tonight I will have to try to one up you!

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