Tuesday, October 25, 2005

There's not enough coffee in the world

Ugh. I hate mornings. And waking up when it is still dark outside is just wrong. When it's dark outside and cold in the house I want to smash the alarm clock and crawl back under the covers and slip blissfully into a coma.

Do you think that means I'm not a morning person?


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

LOL! I'm thinking you may be right. ;-)


Chick said...

Mornings suck!

That's all there is to it.


Brat said...

Hold that thought or blanket. I am on my way!

I am sick, I am kinda both a night and morning person. It makes for short nights that is for sure!

GRT said...

Ah, the autumn mornings! Crisp air; bright stars; quiet neighborhood, dawn sun washing the foothills with pinks and pastel reds...

What could be better?

Weary Hag said...

Back when I was a night owl, it didn't matter than my alarm clock went off around 2pm ... I still gave it wings across the floor. How about just plain not being a 'get outta bed' person?

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