Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricked into treating

My efforts to dodge rugrat trick-or-treaters on Halloween was only partially successful. I gratefully accepted an invitation to dinner by my daughter's mom, which kept me from finding some other location to hide out in the after-work hours.

I'm not a big fan of getting up every few minutes to hand out candy to kids. And who knows how many kids might come trick-or-treating in an apartment complex here in Salem. So I was more than happy to get out of town.

Dinner was good. My daughter's mom and her partner had a few friends over, and my daughter was there, so it was nice. But there were a lot of trick-or-treaters coming to their do. So many so that at one point we were running low on candy, so I made a quick run to grocery store to pick up some emergency candy rations.

And after returning back to the house I made the strategic mistake of being the closest adult to the door during one period of the night. So I ended up handing out candy anyway.

So, just when did kids quit asking the age old question, "Trick or treat?" when trick or treating?

And some of those costumes were lame.

And some of the kids were damn cute too.

I hate it when I get tricked into giving up my curmudgeonly ways.

The lesbians tricked me!


Brat said...

So I shouldn't feel so bad that I turned off all the lights and took a nap instead of treating my little visitors?

Miki said...

I don't know when they stopped saying "Trick or Treat," we noticed it a few years ago. My two older kids went out as themselves, the costume of choice. My little one still likes to dress up! I got the job of taking her around, and the other two went out with their friends. Came home full of shaving cream, smelling like an old barber shop! They had fun though, I guess that is all that mattered!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

brat & G-Man~
Curmudgeons indeed! ;-) You two should be ashamed. G-Man, you have a daughter who probably has done her share of trick or treating too. Where's the Halloween Spirit at? tisk-tisk!


Anonymous said...

I never expected any trick-or-treaters and ended up candy-less for the little rugs. I felt so guilty having to turn off the lights and pretend not to be home!

Brat said...

Hey T! I look at it this way, it is just one more thing G and I have in common. Now watch out, because I love the holidays!

Chick said...

Lesbians will do that...every time.

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