Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What's the news?

Why is the murder of attorney Daniel Horowitz's wife in the Bay Area of California getting so much media attention?

Any murder is tragic. I'm not unsympathetic to the victim's friends and family. But why doesn't the media work so hard to get at the story when someone poor or black or Latino is killed?

My theory is the media are following this story on the chance that the high-profile attorney gets arrested on this one.

Are viewers and readers really paying attention to this story? If so, why? Is it more interesting because the attorney has been on TV and obviously is wealthy?

I'm sorry, but I'm more interested in the weather.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I wasn't interested in it for 5 minutes, because of his small connection to Nancy Grace. (He is a guest speaker on occasion on her show)


Anonymous said...

I heard that the $340 million Powerball winner was in Oregon... was it you, G-man?

Madder Dan Helle said...

Famous and rich people have multiple luxurious houses, some of which have bathrooms bigger than our entire homes. They can travel, party, and have all the jewelry, clothes, cars, sex, fun they want. All of that usually earned with [seemingly]little effort.

It is wrong, but we hate those people. We hate their guts for being so lucky in life, for having so much and being so successful, while we struggle each day just to survive.

So, when something bad happens to them, we disassociate them as human beings, and visualize them as objects. Objects that in our minds interact in a play which we all watch develop over the media.

Each new development brings us a thrill. They are characters in a live-play... it's all for our particular entertainment.

The poor little old drunk guy down the street can be butchered by the 15 year old next door and [really] nobody cares. While the 16 year old in Pamela's murder will be tried all over the media for months on end.

Are some of us watching to see if the old guy, Daniel, was involved? Of course. Most of us just don't want to admit it. Did he hire the kid, or tricked him into it? Wouldn't that fuel the media circus?

I pray for Pam, that whoever did her in pays. Whoever the person(s) is/are.


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