Thursday, October 13, 2005

This might be a clue

A sign you might not be getting enough sleep: Wearing the wrong socks.

At some point in the day yesterday I looked down to realize I was wearing green socks. Ordinarily I don't wear green socks with my black slacks, but I sure did yesterday.

For some reason while getting dressed yesterday my brain was convinced I was wearing my green slacks yesterday, in spite of the very black pant-like-material covering my legs at the time I was putting the socks on my feet. I vaguely remember thinking I should wear the green slacks, but I talked myself out of it and went with the black. The green slacks have a hole in the pocket. I hate that. So, black it was.

But apparently I forgot to tell my brain, or my eyeballs of the last-minute switch, and neither of them were away yet yesterday morning, in spite of the shower.

When they woke up later, they were a bit shocked to see green socks poking out from under the cuffs of the black slacks.

I'm not one of those people that subscribes to the fashion "rule" that your socks should match your shirt. I think the socks should match the slacks. I like my shirts to contrast with the slacks, and I don't want to call that much attention to my socks, so I match my socks to the slacks. But yesterday the socks didn't match the shirt either. The shirt was a light brown/beige, again picked to go with the green slacks. The shirt didn't get the memo about the wardrobe change either, but at least it didn't look too bad with the slacks.

Good think I didn't wear a tie. Lord knows what I would have grabbed off the tie rack.

So, yea, the insomnia is still with me. Last night I decided if I'm going to be up late I might as well have some fun with it, so I went out for drinks after the Angels were robbed of victory in the Major League playoffs.

So this morning, I'm tired and a bit hung over. I hope someone is awake enough to pick out clothes this morning. Or this could get ugly.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I have a solution for you G-Man. (Dontcha just hate when people try and give you "solutions")
Pick out your next morning wardrobe the night before, since you can't sleep anyway...Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.


Brat said...

Gee, I thought your solution was going to be to fly D out! I think he needs me!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Amendment to Solution:


;-)Better brat?

This actually would be the ultimate solution!


The G-man said...

T, you mean I'm supposed to be using that sleepless time in the middle of the night productively? That's no fun!

And Brat, if you flew out here how would that help my insomnia? You keep weirder hours than I do. Not that that is a deal breaker, I'm just saying...

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