Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Never a naked woman around when you need one...

Just a quick post this early AM, since I can't write about the weather for fear of getting hate mail from ak. And I've been working too many hours, so my brain has turned to mush. Nothing clever or insightful in there. Nope. Just a big glob of goop.

But I was on the site, doing a little housekeeping. You know, adding some new links for some blogs I've been scoping out, and adding a few other links to my 100 things list. Why? Because I'm a geek, and there was not a naked woman waiting on the couch for me after work. So, what else did I have to do?

Of course, I'm not sure what I'd do if there was a naked woman waiting for me on the couch. I'd probably:
A) Check the number on the door to see if I was in the right apartment.
B) Stare! You know, that bug-eyed, open mouth, drool on your shoes stare that always impresses naked women on couches.
C) Pop a chubby and then pass out from the rapid flow of blood from my brain.
D) Giggle, laugh, snort, cough, choke, puke.
E) Oh look! Panda Express chow mein.
F) Trip over the table en route to touch the boobies!
G) Headbutt the hot chick because of the stumble.
H) Pass out.
I) Wake up with a head ache and a chubby thinking it had all be a wonderful, horrible, tragic dream.
J) Never speak of it to anyone.


ak said...

would you never speak of it to anyone OR would you post it on your blog

Brat said...

I for one am glad there was not a naked woman laying around, unless it is me! Promise not to pass out! You made me laugh! Thanks.

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