Monday, January 17, 2005

Trying to get the motor running

I didn't get all my work done yesterday, so here I am up early (for me) and trying to get by brain into gear to write up a memo due at a meeting this afternoon.

I just couldn't spend all my day yesterday working. It was too beautiful of a day. I spent some time out on the balcony just soaking it all in. The hills are green with life, regenerated by the recent rains. Wildflowers should be plentiful this spring.

The irony is, it's supposed to be even warmer today. The paper is forecasting a high of 77 today. It's 70 already at 8:20 a.m. Do you think anyone would notice if I didn't make it to work today?

Those of us of modest means who endure the sweltering heat of summer do so for days like this. Sunny and warm in the "dead" of winter.


ak said...

damn you and your nice's 28 (if even that) here in jersey and it just started snowing...on behalf of all in the northeast i curse you, and your little dog too hahaha

Brat said...

I am with you ak! It hasn't hit 20° here yet. In fact it was something like 13° yesterday. I think it is time we find a warmer climate or we start sending hate mail to those that are kicking back on their balcony enjoying the 70° temps.

ak said...

oh come on now brat, we all now you made that comment just so you could show off your degree symbol :)

MJ said...

I agree - it was a beaut. Temp at my house read 79º but it felt like 85º. Unfortunately, no holiday for this freelancer. I had a hard time getting anything meaningful done today. I tried, really, I tried... er, sorta.

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